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Introduction to Wicca - Calendar

Still on the book "Wicca: A Velha Religião do Ocidente" (Wicca: The Old Religion of the West"), today I'm going to talk about the Wiccan Calendar and Holidays.

Samhain (31/10)

  • New Year
  • Party for the dead
  • Night "out of time"
  • Black, orange, blue
  • Cauldron, candles, mirror, crystal ball
  • Elder
Yule (21/12)
  • Winter Solstice
  • Reflection
  • Celebration of the fire, birth of the God (the days start)
  • Mother
  • Red, green, white
  • Holly, hera, tree, presents 
Imbolc (1/2)
  • Goddess as bride of the Sun God
  • Fire
  • Consagration of the seeds till their planting in Ostara
  • Candles, seeds, milk, flowers
  • White, red, yellow, silver
  • Maiden 
Ostara (21/3)
  • Spring Equinox
  • Balance, victory of life before death
  • Generation of god
  • Victory of light before darkness
  • Yellow, green, pastel colours
  • Egg, rabbit, violet, butterfly
  • Maiden
Beltane (1/5)
  • Marriage of the gods
  • Frutification of Earth, fertility
  • Fire
  • Red and white
  • Ribbons, baskets, flowers, firebonds, butter
  • God and Goddes as "Kings of May" 
Litha (21/6)
  • Summer Solstice
  • Maximum power of the Sun God before dying
  • Plenitude and abundance
  • Day of initiation
  • Sphere, cauldron, feathers, blades
  • Green, yellow, golden
  • Mother 
Lughnasadh (1/8)
  • Harvest festival
  • Weddings
  • Grey, green, yellow, brown, orange and golden
  • Agricultyure, bread, cereals, cornucopia, alchoholic drinks
  • Joy
  • Mother 
Mabon (23/9)
  • Fall Equinox
  • Second harvest festival, thanks to the Goddess, wine vintage
  • God of Light defeated by God of Shadows
  • Rest after harvest


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Introduction to Wicca - Archetypes

Still on the book "Wicca: A Velha Religião do Ocidente" (Wicca: The Old Religion of the West"), today I'm going to talk about Divine Archetypes


The divine is inherent to nature
Male and female manifestation

Aspects of the Goddess

Universal Mother, fertility and wisdom
Life and death, with transition to rebirth


  • Youth, birth, iniciations, hunting
  • Diana, Artemisa, Branwen, Epona
  • White, silver, pink, light yellow
  • Rituals: beggining, growth, ideas, inspiration, energy, vitality, freedom
  • First quarter

  • Full Moon
  • Creation, protection, fertility
  • Growth, plenitude, sexuality, maturation, love, teaching
  • Gaia, Juno, Isis, Dana, Deridwen, Selene, Aphrodite
  • Green, copper, red, purple, dark-blue
  • Rituals: thanks, protection, making processes, love questions, develop plants, help animals, cure, strenght, power, peace, develop intuition

  • Third quarter
  • Wisdom, secrets, prophecy, compassion, death, rebirth
  • Hekate, Callieach, Morrigan, Kali
  • Black, grey, purple, brown, blue
  • Rituals: removing undesired energies, wisdom and clarividence, inverting circumstances, processes that end, justice, revenge, protection
New Moon: Plans, new begginings and new ideas

Aspects of the God

Source of creation, fecundation of the Earth
Steps through the Year's Wheel
Golden and Yellow
Apollo, Helios, Lugh, Ra

Cerunnos, Horned God or Hernes, Hunter

  • Protector of wild animals, hunting
  • Animal side, viril force, fertility
King of Light or Oak King

  • Twin of light
  • Middle of Winter till middle of Summer
  • Strenght and longevity
  • Expansion and growth
  • Red
  • Jupiter and Janus
King of Shadows or Holly King

  • Middle of Summer to middle of Winter
  • Twin of shadows
  • Decline, dormence, rest
  • Wisdom and retire
  • Black
  • Saturn and Chronos

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Introduction to Wicca - Rituals

This time I studied a Portuguese book on Wiccan, "Wicca: A Velha Religião do Ocidente" (Wicca: The Old Religion of the West"), by García Baptista. It was a good natured book with lots of humour, but I think it can be classified as "fluffy" as it characterizes Wicca as "eclectic ancient religion". It's also very anti-Christian, which is something I really dislike.

Since this would become too long for a single post I decided to divide this entry. Today I'm going to talk about Rituals.


Magic: Gather and directing energy through a ritual
Ritual made in a consacrated space
Gods and Goddeses represent the various aspects of the Divine Spirit: moving force that manifests under various aspects.
Wicca: The Wise Ones. "Bend" or "Shape" (Gaelic root). In its origin probably an Indo-European cult.
Male and Female vertent
There is not evangelist function
Celebrates life and death
Complement between God and Goddes: the Energy is neutral


Celebration and practice of magic
Gather of energy and redireccioning to attain an objective
The energy that is out of control can become independent and, therefore, the circle is a way to retain it.
Archetype: nature's exterior force, invoked with a purpose.
The directing of energy occurs through an alterate state of conscience (ex. meditation, prayer, monotone and repetitive works, hipnosis, drugs??? )


I'm going to post the pictures of the objects I own. For those I don't own I'll find an interesting picture online :)

They make the change of conscience and concentration easy
Consagration (purification)
  • Through elements
  • A night under moonlight
  • Both together ^^ 

  I tried to get one, but was never able to find one for sale. Also, knifes like this seem kind of dangerous. At least for my parents lol
  • Ritual knife with two blades and black holder
  • Direct Energy
My altar is very "private" (those who come in can see it, but I'd prefer not to post it online) But I'll describe it. It's a three legged round table I rescued from my father's house. It's said that these tables hold some kind of magic power and misteries, so I thought it would be appropriate. It has an object representing each element on the appropriate corner. From North to South: a "star stone", a incense holder shaped like a llama with an incense stick that has tied some feathers of my late bird Lípio, a burnt candle in a red holder, a glass cup. In the middle, representing the spirit, I have the most important part of my CD collection.

  • Turned to North
  • Objects placed on the corner that corresponds to the element
  • Vortex of power
  I was "separated" from mine. Haven't felt ready to buy a new one, even though my parents are always asking me if I want a new one.

  • Also serves as amulet
  • 5
  • Open or closed (circle)
  • Can be used to consagrate
  • Earth

  • Goddess
  • Water
  • Container of transformation
  I actually got a branch to make one, but then I lost it

  • Air
  • Instrument for communication, evocating gods, directing energy
  • Can be replacement for Athame
My camera sucks, I'll add my own pictures later because it's not connecting to the PC... -___- 

  • God
  • Air
  • Meditation and Divination
  • God and Goddess
  • Water
  • Purification and protection (cleaning the circle area)
  • Fertility and protection of the houseCan be made of aromatic herbs
Camera problem, I have one that was given to me by my friend

  • Goddess
  • Water
  • Fertility  
Crystal Ball
Camera Problem, will add later

  • Goddess
  • Receive messages or keeping energy
  • Divination
  • Goddess
  • Air
  • Signing ritual, calling 
  • Replacer of Athame
  • God
  • FireSymbol of Power
Book of Shadows
I'm going to post the pictures of my two books later. I was using one as a diary, but I'll start using it to something else. I have the one where I write these notes I'm translating to this blog. And my aunt recently gave me an oration book. It's supposed to be Christian, but I think the gods won't be mad if I use it to put my pagan prayers on. :) As for my old  Book of Shadows, it consisted on a collection of everything I found interesting. When I did a ritual to try to get a new vision of life I left it under a wise tree, together with all the things that connected me to the past.

My father gave me one, I'll post picture later. It's not exactly the stereotype of a Pagan knife, but I love it very much because it was a present from my father.

  • To work, generally white handle
  • Earth 
I use a Gilaba, present from my mother from when she went to Oman. It's black and I think I prefer it that way, it's a good colour.

  • Colour chosen according to ritual
  • White
Celtic Cross
  • Represents the magic circle
Private and Secret Name
I used to think I had one. Not true. Waiting till someone wiser than me names me. :)

  • Protection
  • Can help to alter the state of conscience to the ritual 

Draw the Circle

Sacred Space
Defines area of the ritual
Safety and protection
Cleaning and preparation of the space: representation of the elements
The drawing can be physical or by visualization. It initiates on the East side, clockwise
Invocation of the elements by the same order
  • Earth - North
  • East - Air
  • South - Fire
  • West - Water  
All gestures inside the circle must be made with an intention
Farewell to the elements with education anti-clockwise
Open circle anticlockwise, with verbalization of the idea (ex. "the circle is open but never destroyed")
Relaxing to release excess of energy
Structure of a ritual
  1. Purification of the self and space
  2. Positioning of the altar
  3. Circle
  4. Invoking quarters
  5. Invoking gods
  6. Gather energy
  7. Focus energy
  8. Meal
  9. Release energy
  10. Thanks and farewell
  11. Open circle 
  12. Release excess energy 
  13. Cleaning 

And for today I conclude (except for the pictures) this chapter. The next one will be about the Archetypes of Gods. :)

I'd like to say as well that the Fall Equinox is getting closer. The Pagan Federation International is doing a public ritual. I would love to attend, as it would be my first ritual with other people, but unfortunately I have a veterinary medicine congress on the same day (I'm also skipping an anime con) It will have to wait for the next time ^_^ 

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The first book I studied on my research was "Fairies at Work and Play", by Geoffrey Hodson. This book consists of a summary of observations of Fairies and other elements of Nature. I will now present my notes and doubts on the texts I just read.

This picture is one of the famous Fox Sisters pictures in which they photographed interaction with elements of nature. More information can be found on this website.
Devas control the beauty of Nature in an intangible way for the human condition. They don't possess a solid body. When they materailize they imitate human shapes that they liked and their real world is at an astral level. Their autoconscience is based on intuiton.

Goblins and Elfs
  • Earth
  • Kind, groups 
  • Earth
  • Solitary 
  • Unpleasant
  • All the other male beings
  • Connected to plants
  • May be nice or not
  • Curious and brave 
Ondines and Spirits of the Sea
  • Water (always close to a water course)
  • Feminine shape
  • Representation of the three fundamental processes of Nature: Absorcion, Assimilation and Discharge 
  • Those of the sea more energic than those on Earth 
  • Earth
  • Joy 
  • Air
  • The elements evolve till they get to the shape of Sylph, almost an angel, that takes care of the animal world
  • Ferocious, agressive
  • Vegetal kingdom
  • Associated to the destruction of shape as a transformation
  • Vital side and agent of Nature
  • Expression of divine energy
  • Instability of shape 
They can participate in rituals and magic. They can also be created artificially.

And now....

Questions, doubts and other interrogations!

1. Ether: the fourth physical matter?
2. Can these "Spirits of Nature" be Xintoist gods or elements with another shape, definide by the culture that surrounds them?
3. Can they be seen in every point with nature? E$ach tree, each lake, each of them has one?
4. The described shapes intrigue me as they are so typical of European stories and not defined in other cultures. Are there only Spirits of Nature in England?
5. Do all of us have Elements of Nature organizing our energies?
6. Are there Elements of Nature for stones?
7. How can you create an artifical entity?

And the final question:

How should I go about observing them?
I'd like to go to my country house, in Santarém, and try to observe the Elements of Nature that probably roam the local. However there is a "creature" or "being" that inhabits the house (I'll make a post about "him" soon. We call "him" the Seventh Person) and I don't want to disturb "him" before I know better about "his" essence. Should I pick another place to observe the Elements of Nature?
What kind of exercises should I do to be able to observe them, even if it's just once?

I'm putting this post for discussion at The Agora Forums.

Please feel free to discuss this at Blog Comments as well! Let's all see a fairy today! :)

A Fairy seen differently from what described in this book. :) Personally, I prefer this interpretation!

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A Small Prayer

New blog, new things! It's time for a presentation.

I'm known by a couple of names, it's not very important. Maybe I'll find my true name soon, maybe I already know it. Otherwise I'm known mainly for ladyxzeus, ladylouve or Carol Louve. I started this blog to talk about Paganism, with a different twist. So I think it is good to talk a little bit about myself beforehand. :)

I "became a Pagan" when I was 12 years old. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in the Book Fair with my father and a book caught my eye. It was "Riding a Silver Broomstick", by Silver RavenWolf, mistakenly translated as "Magic for Teenagers". It was the time of Harry Potter (the books, the movies only came much later) and I was fascinated by it, so I immediatly tought... I'm going to learn magic! I'm going to have a wand and make things move and make colours in the air! How wrong I was. As misinformated as Silver RavenWolf may be, it was a first start. From then I bought other books from her and discovered a more advanced practicioner, Scott Cunningham. I bought the Llewellynn Almanacs and did all the rituals by the book. I made spells very often and for every situation. I believed in the Great Goddess, the Moon, and prayed to her every night. My pentagram was always with me and whenever I felt danger or unease I would touch it and know the Lady was with me.

I also had a great connection to Nature by the time. My father lives in the country and I used to go there every week, to perform rituals and spells. I'd go there every Solstice and Equinox to celebrate my rituals with Nature.

Meanwhile, I was a depressed teen. I had no friends, I had nothing on my way. My only safety was Her Ladyship. And Gackt. Gackt's music was yet another connection with the Gods. A different kind of connection, a connection that came through a being that - while superior to me in every aspect - was still kind of Godly. So much that till today I always refer to Him with a capital letter, lol. On any case, that was what saved me at the time.

As I entered university things changed. I made new friends, I got a new sister, my father got sick, my dog too. I abandoned spells and only did rituals when something really important was happening. The last one was during Samhain and for 12 days I made a ritual to beg the Gods to make my father live. He's still here. :)

And then something completely unexpected happened. Gackt came to Europe on tour. Finally I would have the chance to see the one that, for me, was the prophet of all that was beautiful and pure, my connection with Gods walking on Earth. I went to Barcelona with my friend. And on the concert I suddenly realized something: the one I loved, the one I worshipped, He was not a prophet. He was not a god. He was human just like me. A wonderful human being, an example for me, but still a human. Even had a surgery scar! But even being just a human being, I wanted to give Him all that I had. I wanted to give Him my all. But the only thing I had was my pentagram! So I gave it to Him (in a very confusing and traumatizing experience with staff members, haha)

From then on, it seemed like my faith disappeared. I stopped praying. I simply stopped believing. And then depression stroke again, I flipped in an injustified way and nothing ethereal could save me. It was like faith was controlling me and when it was gone I could not hold myself anymore.

But everything passes and now I think... I used to be so happy when I was in touch with the Goddess... When Gackt made me touch Her... I think I could go back! So I made a vow to dedicate 2 weekly hours to the study of Paganism, to try and rediscover my spirituality and what I believe in. Maybe I'll go back to being a Catholic. Maybe I'll realize there's nothing else left to believe. I don't know yet. But I'll try to discover. :)

I'll start by reading all my "Paganism Shelf" and taking notes of those books. Then I'll proceed to read my "Pagan Bookmarks". I will share these notes in this blog, as if it's some kind of Shadows Book. It's like a public Shadows Book, but kind of private at the same time because I'll not announce it everywhere. :p Anything that's more private I'll keep to my real Shadows Book, that I started building (a different story is the beggining and the end of my first one, stay tuned!) as a notebook. I tried a diary at first, but that's not meant to be.

I also belong to the International Pagan Federation and I'll restart going to their meetings. I'll also comment them here! :)

As for the rest, I'm passionate about Japanese pop culture. This blog is Chiisana Inori, which means A Small Prayer in Japanese. Have a wonderful day, that's my small prayer. :) That's how I try to live. I try to be more like a dog and learn from them. Have you ever noticed that they are always happy and always forgive? And they have a tail to wag! =D And I'll never stop loving Gackt anyway. But now I love Him more as a companion and less as a prophet. I know He loves me, as He loves all fans. He's like my secret friend, a friend that I've never met and that does not even know that I exist but that I can count on, always, with His music, with His art and with His words.

I hope this blog, more than a personal journey, can become a source of interesting information for all Pagans!

Thank you!