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Introduction to Wicca - Archetypes

Still on the book "Wicca: A Velha Religião do Ocidente" (Wicca: The Old Religion of the West"), today I'm going to talk about Divine Archetypes


The divine is inherent to nature
Male and female manifestation

Aspects of the Goddess

Universal Mother, fertility and wisdom
Life and death, with transition to rebirth


  • Youth, birth, iniciations, hunting
  • Diana, Artemisa, Branwen, Epona
  • White, silver, pink, light yellow
  • Rituals: beggining, growth, ideas, inspiration, energy, vitality, freedom
  • First quarter

  • Full Moon
  • Creation, protection, fertility
  • Growth, plenitude, sexuality, maturation, love, teaching
  • Gaia, Juno, Isis, Dana, Deridwen, Selene, Aphrodite
  • Green, copper, red, purple, dark-blue
  • Rituals: thanks, protection, making processes, love questions, develop plants, help animals, cure, strenght, power, peace, develop intuition

  • Third quarter
  • Wisdom, secrets, prophecy, compassion, death, rebirth
  • Hekate, Callieach, Morrigan, Kali
  • Black, grey, purple, brown, blue
  • Rituals: removing undesired energies, wisdom and clarividence, inverting circumstances, processes that end, justice, revenge, protection
New Moon: Plans, new begginings and new ideas

Aspects of the God

Source of creation, fecundation of the Earth
Steps through the Year's Wheel
Golden and Yellow
Apollo, Helios, Lugh, Ra

Cerunnos, Horned God or Hernes, Hunter

  • Protector of wild animals, hunting
  • Animal side, viril force, fertility
King of Light or Oak King

  • Twin of light
  • Middle of Winter till middle of Summer
  • Strenght and longevity
  • Expansion and growth
  • Red
  • Jupiter and Janus
King of Shadows or Holly King

  • Middle of Summer to middle of Winter
  • Twin of shadows
  • Decline, dormence, rest
  • Wisdom and retire
  • Black
  • Saturn and Chronos

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