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The first book I studied on my research was "Fairies at Work and Play", by Geoffrey Hodson. This book consists of a summary of observations of Fairies and other elements of Nature. I will now present my notes and doubts on the texts I just read.

This picture is one of the famous Fox Sisters pictures in which they photographed interaction with elements of nature. More information can be found on this website.
Devas control the beauty of Nature in an intangible way for the human condition. They don't possess a solid body. When they materailize they imitate human shapes that they liked and their real world is at an astral level. Their autoconscience is based on intuiton.

Goblins and Elfs
  • Earth
  • Kind, groups 
  • Earth
  • Solitary 
  • Unpleasant
  • All the other male beings
  • Connected to plants
  • May be nice or not
  • Curious and brave 
Ondines and Spirits of the Sea
  • Water (always close to a water course)
  • Feminine shape
  • Representation of the three fundamental processes of Nature: Absorcion, Assimilation and Discharge 
  • Those of the sea more energic than those on Earth 
  • Earth
  • Joy 
  • Air
  • The elements evolve till they get to the shape of Sylph, almost an angel, that takes care of the animal world
  • Ferocious, agressive
  • Vegetal kingdom
  • Associated to the destruction of shape as a transformation
  • Vital side and agent of Nature
  • Expression of divine energy
  • Instability of shape 
They can participate in rituals and magic. They can also be created artificially.

And now....

Questions, doubts and other interrogations!

1. Ether: the fourth physical matter?
2. Can these "Spirits of Nature" be Xintoist gods or elements with another shape, definide by the culture that surrounds them?
3. Can they be seen in every point with nature? E$ach tree, each lake, each of them has one?
4. The described shapes intrigue me as they are so typical of European stories and not defined in other cultures. Are there only Spirits of Nature in England?
5. Do all of us have Elements of Nature organizing our energies?
6. Are there Elements of Nature for stones?
7. How can you create an artifical entity?

And the final question:

How should I go about observing them?
I'd like to go to my country house, in Santarém, and try to observe the Elements of Nature that probably roam the local. However there is a "creature" or "being" that inhabits the house (I'll make a post about "him" soon. We call "him" the Seventh Person) and I don't want to disturb "him" before I know better about "his" essence. Should I pick another place to observe the Elements of Nature?
What kind of exercises should I do to be able to observe them, even if it's just once?

I'm putting this post for discussion at The Agora Forums.

Please feel free to discuss this at Blog Comments as well! Let's all see a fairy today! :)

A Fairy seen differently from what described in this book. :) Personally, I prefer this interpretation!

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